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 Backwoods Outlaw Racing  REGISTRATION

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All Trucks Are Welcome

  1. All race trucks will need to enter the race facility through the race gate located on the south side of the track. Upon entry, attendants will check your online admissions or admission payment can be made at the gate ($15). This does not includes your race fee.

  2. Trucks will then be escorted to the designated parking area in the pits.

  3. Trucks that are drag racing will need to register to receive a tech card and sign a waiver in the registration office located in the main building.  Friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. You will be allowed to Test and Tune as many times as you can before  elimination rounds start. 

  4. Truck racing is No Time Quarter mile racing. 

  5. All trucks that are racing will need to pass an inspection certifying that your truck is in sound condition and able to race. Announcements will be made to have your truck inspected in the staging lanes 7-8 (approximately 9 am).

  6. The tech inspector is the final authority on your vehicle's condition and your readiness to race.

  7. Announcements will be made to begin Test & Tune racing at around 10:00 a.m., weather permitting. You then will have one qualifying run.

  8. Truck racing will be done as a  Heads UP format. These are simply Heads Up Quarter Mile Racing. Pairing will be done in the staging lanes. If you wish to be paired up with friends, our staff will accommodate those requests. 

  9. Registered trucks will be allowed to test and tune throughout the day between elimination rounds. 

  10. Buy Back will be allowed after first loss ($20)

For an additional fee competitors are encouraged to participate in a Ford vs Chevy vs Ram heads up race that will take place at the end of the Outlaw Competition.


HEADS -UP gamblers FORD VS CHEVY VS RAM. First 24 to signup (onsite sign-up).

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details

on all racing activities.  

Registration Payment

Thanks for submitting!

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