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Backwoods Outlaw DRAG RACING

 Trucks & Big Rigs are rumbling into Rock Falls Raceway for some of the baddest straight-line racing of the season. This is going to be an epic day of sheer power as diesel 4 x 4  go head-to-head in two classes. 4 X 4 will run on both Quarter & eighth-mile NHRA sanctioned professional track.

All are bring it you can race it.

Guaranteed Pay Outs

Finals Winner

Runner Up

Semi Final 

Finals Winner

Runner Up

Semi Final 


Ford Vs Chevy Vs Ram

Race Qualifications

1. Snell 2015 or newer helmet (limited helmets available for rent $10/day)

2. Closed toe/heel shoes or boots - no sandals, flip flops or crocs allowed 

3. Must wear pants - jeans or sweatpants preferred - no nylon pants allowed

4. Must have a sleeved shirt

5. Vehicle must pass onsite tech inspection 

BASIC Tech Rules

Most trucks will qualify to run without roll bars or special seatbelts


*Snell 2015 or newer helmet

*Overflow bottle

*2 carburetor return springs

*Check for lugnuts-must have ALL on

*Seatbelts up to date 11.49 & quicker

*Roll bar at 11.49-10.00 seconds

*NO passengers if capable of going 14.99 seconds or quicker

*Must have NHRA License & certified chassis  if 9.99 or quicker

*All you need:

     Helmet  (we rent them)





*Battery in trunk

     Most cases vented in box to outside unless trunk is closed off to 

         driver’s compartment.

*Watch speeds & ET’s on track

*11.49 seconds & quicker require roll bar, belts and jacket

*10.00 or 135 mph MUST have certified cage

*Nitrous bottle bust be vented to the outside & bolted down with appropriate brackets and lines.  No more than 12” of rubber fuel line.

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